The Metrology Division of the Consumer Agency is responsible for the maintenance and organisation of Icelandic measurement standards (for example the kilogram) and provides accredited calibration services. The Metrology Division is also in charge of legal metrology, including certification of official weighs as well as other aspects of metrological supervision as required and stipulated by the legislation. The role of Metrology Division is to ensure that measurements in Iceland fulfil international requirements and to ensure that the International System of Units (SI) is used in Iceland.

The main tasks of the Metrology Division of the Consumer Agency are listed in the Act No 91/2006, on Measurements, Measurement Standards and Official Weighers:


  • Advice, education and information concerning metrology and measurement standards
  • Maintenance of national measurement standards
  • Calibration services
  • Market surveillance of measuring instruments
  • Monitoring and surveillance of reverifications of measuring instruments
  • Certification of official weighs
  • National and international cooperation in the field of metrology

The accredited calibration service of the Consumer Agency covers F1 weighs (1 mg up to 20 kg), M1 weighs (1 mg up to 500 kg), non-automatic weighing instruments with F1 weighs from 1 mg up to 10 kg, non-automatic weighing instruments with M1 weighs from 6 up to 500 kg and thermometers in the range from -80°C to 240°C.

The calibration service of the Consumer Agency covers also other measuring instruments, such as multimeters, pressure and torque instruments, volume standards and the Agency expects to expand its scope of accreditation in the future. The Consumer Agency is referred to at the website of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, UKAS and in order to obtain information on the scope of its accreditations the number 0823 should be entered in the box marked Laboratory number at the UKAS’s website.

The calibration service of the Consumer Agency and the laboratory for the measurement standards is located at its head offices at Borgartúni 21, rear entrance, see map.