Nordic consumer authorities cooperate for stronger consumer protection


The Consumer Authorities in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway met in Reykjavik, Iceland, 23 – 25 May to discuss common consumer challenges and enforcement strategies. The Nordic cooperation will be developed further to stop unlawful marketing practices and unfair contract terms across the Nordic countries
Digitalisation, big global players, e-commerce and marketing across national borders challenge the consumer protection, and the national consumer authorities’ possibilities to enforce the law in an effective way. An ongoing Nordic cooperation is crucial in order to prevent and stop unlawful marketing practices and unfair contract terms across the Nordic countries.
In this year’s meeting, the authorities agreed to develop the cooperation further concerning companies acting across national borders. Sharing information, and discussing concrete issues, through case handler groups, workshops and webinars has shown to be successful, and will be further developed. Some areas will have a special focus the coming year:
- Digitalisation, personalized marketing, use of consumer data, and unfair marketing towards children
- Hidden advertisement in Social Media
- New forms of credit marketing challenges
- Subscription traps
- The new CPC Regulations and amendments to existing consumer law directives in EU
The Nordic consumer authorities will work together in all these areas and will prepare joint statements and coordinate supervision and enforcement in concrete cases.