The Consumer Agency was established 1 July 2005 according to Act No 62/2005 (also available in Danish). The Consumer Agency is one of the governmental agencies in Iceland which is entrusted with market surveillance of business operators, good functioning and transparency of the markets in respect to safety and consumers legal rights as well as enforcement of legislation adopted by the Icelandic Parliament for protection of consumers health, legal and economical rights.

The Consumer Agency is a governmental agency falling under the auspices of Ministry of the Interior.




Climbing equipment

Neytendastofa (The Consumer Agency) participated in a joint activity with 10 market surveillance authorities in Europe. The main aim of the project was to identify and remove from the market non-complaint and unsafe climbing equipment.

Dangerous consumer goods once again found in high numbers in EU

In 2018, more than 2,200 notifications of non-food products were made to the EU’s rapid alert system (Safety Gate, formerly known as RAPEX) as failing safety requirements. Toys, motor vehicles and clothing were the product groups with the most notifications. The figure is only the tip of the iceberg as each notification may represent thousands of faulty products, and many products are possibly not found at all.

Facebook changes its terms and clarify its use of data for consumers following discussions with the European Commission and consumer authorities

The European Commission and consumer protection authorities have welcomed Facebook's updated terms and services. They now clearly explain how the company uses its users' data to develop profiling activities and target advertising to finance their company.

New legislation for e-cigarettes in Iceland

The new legislation sets a maximum nicotine concentration and volume for cartridges, tanks and nicotine liquid containers. E-cigarettes should be child-resistant and tamper evident and have a mechanism that allows refilling without spillage to protect consumers.

New EU award to celebrate product safety champions

Today, the European Commission is launching a new Product Safety Award to reward businesses that excel in product safety. We welcome businesses - small and big - to apply for this award in the categories of online sales and childcare products. Winners will receive their Awards this September from European Commissioner for Consumers, Věra Jourová.