The Consumer Agency was established 1 July 2005 according to Act No 62/2005 (also available in Danish). The Consumer Agency is one of the governmental agencies in Iceland which is entrusted with market surveillance of business operators, good functioning and transparency of the markets in respect to safety and consumers legal rights as well as enforcement of legislation adopted by the Icelandic Parliament for protection of consumers health, legal and economical rights.

The Consumer Agency is a governmental agency falling under the auspices of Ministry of the Interior.




Kilogram gets a new definition

All the world's measurements can be traced back to what's known as SI Units. From just seven base units, all other units of measurement can be derived. Over the years, the definition of the measurements — Ampere, Candela, Kelvin, Kilogram, Meter, Mole, and Second — have been redefined so that they're based on phenomena that occur in nature such as Planck's Constant. The last SI unit based on a physical artefact, the kilogram, has finally been redefined.

Unregistered e-cigarettes illegal for marketing in Iceland after 1 March 2019

All importers and manufacturers of e-cigarettes and nicotine containing liquids shall register products at the Consumer Agency. The registration process can be found here: “Six steps to legal marketing in Iceland”.

New notification forms for importers and manufacturers of e-cigarettes and refills that include nicotine

Electronic notification forms for importers and manufacturers of e-cigarettes and refills that include nicotine are now available on our website

Nordic consumer authorities cooperate for stronger consumer protection

The Consumer Authorities in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway met in Reykjavik, Iceland, 23 – 25 May to discuss common consumer challenges and enforcement strategies. The Nordic cooperation will be developed further to stop unlawful marketing practices and unfair contract terms across the Nordic countries

Geo-blocking: unlocking e-commerce in the EU

Geo-blocking is a discriminatory practice that prevents online customers from accessing and purchasing products or services from a website based in another member state. In order to remove this barrier, the EU is putting in place a geo-blocking regulation.