Neytendastofa – the Consumer Agency strategy is to inform the consumers and the public at large on their various legal rights. Simultaneously the Agency wants to support that business operators and professionals are informed about the legal rights and respect the consumer´s rights according to the applicable national legislation.

In order to fulfil these aims the Consumer Agency is responsible for the publishing of various information materials. The coordination and overall responsibility of these publications lies within the Administrative division of the Consumer Agency.

Education materials
One of the main aims of the Consumer Agency is to ensure effective information to consumers and the public at large concerning the consumer´s legal rights and matters of security, including secure measurements in transactions. In order to attain these objectives it is necessary that the Consumer Agency will support and promote publications of educational materials for i.a. consumers, professionals, immigrants, distributors, sellers of products and services to consumers.

All divisions of the Agency and experts are actively taking part in dispersing education and knowledge within their field of competence.

Other publications
Consumers as well as the business operators must always have access to relevant and easily understood information concerning consumer´s rights and obligations. In order to attain this aim the Consumer Agency is responsible to publish various information materials and suggestions for the well functioning of consumer protection. The experts of the Consumer Agency are also available for lectures in their field of expertise as the case may be. These lectures are also published here at the website of the Consumer Agency.