e-Gov On-Line

The Consumer Agency’s e-Gov On-Line is an easy to use gateway for consumers and other clients that are resident in Iceland to register for online interactive services that are currently available at the Agency. It is an important part of its strategy of enabling people to communicate and make transactions with the Agency from a single point of entry. Registered users are able to submit notifications and maintain overview at their personal account of how their submissions are handled by the Consumer Agency.

Anonymous notifications concerning issues under the surveillance auspices of the Consumer Agency are also available at this electronic gateway for consumers at large.

  • Anonymous notifications
    Anonymous notifications are possible to the Consumer Agency however such notifications are saved to the account of registered account holders of the Consumer Agency
  • Notifications from registered on-line account holders
    Notifications from registered on-line account holders are saved at their personal account and the Agency submits to their account information that is relevant to the case handling. Registered account holders can also require that that their notifications remain confidential which means that their name is not revealed by the staff of the Agency to any third party concerned.
  • Applications and forms
    Applications and other forms that will be subject to on-line submissions are under development. All such submissions will subsequently be available at the pages of the registered customer accounts respectively.