Quality Managment

Neytendastofa - the Consumer Agency builds its operations on an effective total quality control management. The quality control system at the Agency is used to ensure that matters of the Agency are handled in a professional and coherent manner. The quality system is aimed to fulfil the requirements of the ÍST EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. In addition to operations on the basis of the aformentiond international standard the Consumer Agency has obtained accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for those parts of the internal quality system that applies to the calibration services that the Consumer Agency is providing. This accreditation is based on the ÍST EN ISO 17025 standard on calibration services.

The Consumer Agency has furthermore decided its quality management strategy which is formally adopted and adhered to by the Agency.

Document control
Registration of formal issues at the Consumer Agency is based on electronicla registration systems as well as regular systems based on archiving of paper based documentation. According to Act No 66/1985, the document control and system of the Agency other registration issues, as well as the final delivery of documents originating at the Agency are subject to the provisions of the aforementioned Act on the Icelandic National Archive.

Computer – and security issues
The Security Manager is responsible and coordinates all issues that are related to security of data and information systems that the Agency is using as well as physical access to the premises. All staff members are liable to inform and make suggestions on improvements concerning security issues at all times and must adhere to the rules of the Agency at any given time.

The Agency has outsourced and subcontracted the company ANZA LTD. to ensure the data protection and good operation of the e-government solutions of the Agency’s operations.