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Role of the Consumer Agency

Safety and Consumer Rights are the main objectives of the Consumer Agency.

The Consumer Agency is a public surveillance authority that operates on the basis of the Act No 62/2005 (also available in Danish). The role of the Agency is to ensure enforcement of legislation laid down by Parliament in order to protect the safety of consumers and assuring consumers legal protection in various transactions with business operators.

The Consumer Agency receives notifications concerning the possible breach of application of Icelandic legislation on general safety issues; legal rights of consumers and on protection provided by law that measurements and measuring instruments are correct in relation to transactions with consumers.

The Consumer Agency is empowered by law to use various sanctions end enforcement measures if necessary e.g. sales bans, recalls, fines and other measures as laid down in the legislation.

The Consumer Agency provides the public, consumers as well as business operators, with relevant and up-to-date information concerning legal rights and obligations in transactions with consumers including issues concerning the security of measurements and products.