The Director of Neytendastofa - the Consumer Agency is the head of the Administration division. The Administrative division is responsible for the general management of the operations of the Agency e.g. financial planning, staff issues, quality management issues, publication issues and other related issues of general matters. The Administration division is also responsible for all legal issues and final decision takings by the Agency that have implications for the rights and duties of individuals and/or legal entities that are subject to the surveillance of the Consumer Agency according to national legislation or international agreements. All administrative decisions of the Agency can be appealed to the Consumer Complaint Committee.

Strategic issues:


  • Professional and on time case handling, decision taking and services to customers
  • Active participation and support in development of laws for protection of consumers
  • The operation of the Agency is founded on active total quality management which is accredited in the areas necessary for the good functioning of the Agency
  • The internal working procedures are based on clear divisions of tasks and efficient use of expertise of staff members
  • Registration, handling of cases and processing of data is based on efficient and up to date use of information technologies
  • Cost analysis of the operation as well as income is well monitored
  • The operations of the Agency are always within the limits as decided by the State Budget