Step 2 EC-ID

2.     EC-ID, registration and notification of e-cigarettes and containers and refills with nicotine
Electronic cigarettes and containers with nicotine can only be placed on the market in Iceland if producers (importers) have registered and submitted their notification of their product(s) 6 months before the date that they can be legally marketed in Iceland. All electronic cigarettes, containers and refills shall be safe and child temper proof, secured against damage and leakage of fluids, and has a mechanism that ensures refilling without leakage (where applicable). In accordance with the EEA Agreement all electronic cigarettes and refills placed on the Icelandic market must meet all the same formal as well as safety requirements as products being placed on the market in Member States of the European Union.
Producers (importers) must have obtained their personal submitter ID which they can apply for at Common European Gateway - EU-CEG ( Producers must then subsequently register all their products with applicable EC-ID numbers and upload all information and relevant data to the EU-CEG database.
NOTE: Iceland does not yet have full access to the EU-CEG and therefore producers (importers) must fill in and the Consumer Agency’s forms for nicotine containing refills and liquids, as well as for e-cigarettes, see further instructions in step /section 3.
If producer (importer) of product(s) does not have an EC-ID for the product, a written request for registration can be sent to the Consumer Agency e-mail:
Cases where no EC-ID has been obtained as of yet will follow another procedure where in such cases the Consumer Agency will assist the applicant(s) and inform him how to obtain submitter’s ID and relevant EC-ID for their product(s).

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