Step 4 Registration

4.    Registration fees and number of mandatory fees to be paid by the submitter
The Consumer Agency decides after receipt of the notification forms the number of fees to be paid by the producer (importer).

Registration fee for nicotine containing refills
One fee of 75.000 ISK is to be paid for each product that contains same amount of nicotine whether it has no flavour, one flavour or various flavours that have been registered under the same submitters ID.
The payment of the applicable fee(s) is due when the Consumer Agency has reviewed the notification form submitted by the producer. The Consumer Agency will inform the submitter about the number of products, which require payment of a fee, and the total amount to be paid.
The producer will receive an invoice and payment instructions, e.g. details of bank account, etc. The registrations fee shall be paid to the Consumer Agency before the registration is confirmed. The registration will take formally effect on the date of the publication on the website of the Consumer Agency. The submission date is the date that the payment into the account is received.
New fee applies and shall be payed when there is substantial difference or change between registered products from the same submitter (producer, importer). One fee is to be paid for product containing 3 mg/ml of nicotine. The same product that is registered by the same submitter and contains 6 mg/ml of nicotine will be require another payment of 75.000 ISK.

Example: A producer (importer) that will submit 2 variations of the same product; one with 3 mg/ml of nicotine, with 5 different flavours and another variation of the same product (and same submitter ID), with 6 mg/ml of nicotine, also with 5 different flavours, would normally have to pay fees for two products or 150.000 ISK. The Consumer Agency decides when registration is considered to be substantially changed.

Registration fee for electronic cigarettes – device and components
One fee for e-cigarette and it‘s components is 75.000 ISK. That applies to e-cigarettes equipment and components, such as cartridge, tank and battery.
A submission fee of 75.000 ISK shall be paid for components that are produced to be used for e-cigarettes and has not been notified as a component for another device.

For example: Manufacturer A, notifies e-cigarette X, including components such as tank, coal and other components. This notification results in one submission fee of 75.000 ISK. Manufacturer B, that produces a tank that could be used for certain types of e-cigarettes, notifies the tank specifically. That notification results in one fee.


It is only legal to place on the market in Iceland electronic cigarettes, and independent components that have been notified by the producer (importer) and registered at the website of the Consumer Agency. The same applies to components that are not part of notifications of notified brands and are independent components to be used for e-cigarette equipment and notified products that have been registered by the Consumer Agency.

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