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6 steps to legal marketing in Iceland

Electronic cigarettes and refillable containers with nicotine may be marketed in Iceland only if they have been registered with Neytendastofa /the Consumer Agency. As a manufacturer or an importer, you must submit the registration no later than six months before marketing.  Here is the English version of the legislation.
As a manufacturer or an importer you can get the form for registration on this website www.neytendastofa.is 

When you have created the registration. The Consumer Agency decides after receipt of the notification forms the number of fees to be paid by the producer (importer) and you will receive a request for payment.

The fee must be paid to the Consumer Agency, before the registration is considered received. As a rule, you shall pay fee for registration of all electronic cigarettes and refillable containers with nicotine.

When the fee has been paid, the Consumer Agency will review the content of the registration and check if all information has been filled in correctly. If there are flaws and deficiencies in the registration, you will receive a request for additional information. Otherwise, the Consumer Agency forwards a letter stating that the registration has been completed and the product can be marketed legally in Iceland. In some cases, the Consumer Agency will forward a rejection of the registration stating that the registered product cannot be marketed in Iceland.

You can now find the product on the list of registered products here. Please note that the webpage is being constructed.

Remember to register changes of products
In case of a significant change of a product, which has already been registered, you have to make a new registration. This applies e.g. if the e-liquids or the electronic function per se have been changed.

Minor changes on existing products can be updated in the system.

Step 1 Mandatory registration

Step 2 EC-ID

Step 3 Registration form

Step 4 Registration

Step 5 Payment instructions

Step 6 Confirmation of registration